Put the politicians on minimum wage and watch how fast things change.

you've put a knife in their hands with your vote

We have the power in our hands. Vote on May 6th.

Attention, do not let anger vote for you

attention, galops can change your mind



jan. 2012  

for +design positive campaign 2012

Boom. Scools will start with  no books this year. sep.'11

photo © Filippo Monteforte  

Chernobyl | 25 years later  



Don't forget to remember 17/11/1973

I love this Crap  

poster_1_on racism  

poster_2_on racism  

who is next  


global warming  


cut clopy paste  

Nine bullets on the back  

World Day, Clidren's right. Turn your head.








Μusic day today. Collaboration with "onemanshow".

Greek Tourism Campaign. '07  

As a response to Italy '09 quake  

Just before the 2008 olympics  

hell. '07  

11th commandment. '09  

for Poormag. '06  

participation to a autism poster collection. '09

participation to a autism poster collection. '09

big fish small fish. '07  

Plotilitics. 2005  

Your vote can change the world  

Men with the long arms  

Land for sale. '07  

take a good look. Also on a tee> www.cosmicsoda.com